Team Team Leader(s)
BIORAN Radiopharmaceutical and Neurochemical Biomarkers Luc ZIMMER , Fabien CHAUVEAU
CAP Auditory Cognition and Psychoacoustics Nicolas GRIMAULT , Fabien PERRIN
CMO Olfaction : from Coding to Memory Nathalie BUONVISO , Emmanuelle COURTIOL
COPHY Computation, Cognition and Neurophysiology Jérémie MATTOUT , Mathilde BONNEFOND
EDUWELL Experiential Neuroscience and Mental Training Antoine LUTZ , Jean-Philippe LACHAUX
ENES Sensory Neuro-Ethology Nicolas MATHEVON
FLUID Fluids and Barriers of the Central Nervous System Jean-François GHERSI-EGEA
FORGETTING Forgetting Processes and Cortical Dynamics Gaël MALLERET , Stéphanie MAZZA
GENDEV Genetics of Neurodevelopment Sylvie MAZOYER , Charles Patrick EDERY
IMPACT Integrative Multisensory Perception, Action and Cognition Fadila HADJ-BOUZIANE , Alessandro FARNE
MEMO (CPJ Inserm) Memory, Learning and Rewiring Dezso NEMETH
NEUROPAIN Central Integration of Pain in Human Luis GARCIA-LARREA , Roland PEYRON
NEUROPOP Neurobiology and Plasticity of Olfactory Perception Nathalie MANDAIRON , Moustafa BENSAFI
PAM Perception, Attention, Memory Anne CACLIN , Perrine RUBY

Pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease and related disorders

Bénédicte BALLANGER , Stéphane THOBOIS
PSYR2 Psychiatric Disorders, Neuroscience Research and Clinical Research Eric FAKRA , Jérôme BRUNELIN
SLEEP Pathophysiology of the Vigilance States Pierre-Hervé LUPPI , Christelle PEYRON

Social, Affective, and Health Neuroscience

Leonie KOBAN
TIGER Translational and Integrative Group in Epilepsy Research Laurent BEZIN , Sylvain RHEIMS
TRAJECTOIRES Evaluating, understanding, supporting motor, perceptive and social Trajectories Yves ROSSETTI , Eric CHABANAT
WAKING Integrated Physiology of the Brain Arousal Systems Laurent SEUGNET , Jian-Sheng LIN