IDEE - Institut Des EpilepsiEs

The Epilepsy Institute (Head: S. Rheims and L. Bezin) was created in 2016, merging fundamental and clinical research with the industrial, educational and psychosocial dimensions of epilepsy care in a single building located on the East-Lyon Hospital Campus. The overall strategy of IDEE is to promote synergistic projects between all local stakeholders but also with other National or European epilepsy centers.

The IDEE research space (500 m2) allows hosting 2 teams (TIGER and GENDEV) and part of a platform (NGFO) of the CRNL. An industrial space (200 m2) is allocated for the rental of offices or laboratory space for small and medium-sized companies (e.g. Gaoma Therapeutics, a new start-up from CRNL aiming at the development of new drugs targeting cognitive and behavioral disorders, particularly in epilepsy). A 90 m2 space is devoted to the organization of a holistic environmental enrichment program for epileptic patients and their families (Env'Epi program developed by TIGER), as well as to associations (e.g., Epilepsie-France).



The Neurodis foundation (head: S. Thobois) on Neurological disability. In 2007, the “NeuroDis” project supported by the Lyon Federative Neuroscience Institute got funded through the Ministry of Research RTRS program (Thematic Network for Research and Health). The NeuroDis RTRS is now organized as a Foundation which objective is to support fundamental and clinical research in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne Region (Lyon, Grenoble, Saint Etienne, Clermont-Ferrand) in the fields of neuroscience, neurology and psychiatry. Neurodis supports include individual fellowships (post-doc, visiting foreign scientists) and open calls for research projects; Neurodis also coordinated the IHU-B CESAME actions (development of platforms) and has various actions for the Lyon and regional Neuroscience community.