Academic Training


Master program in Neuroscience (University Lyon 1):

Master 1 Neuroscience (head: C. Amat and V. Pellier-Monnin)

Master 2 Fundamental and Clinical Neurosciences (heads: E. Macaluso and M. Richard)

Master 2 Neurophysiology of Perception and Sensory Evaluation (head: A. Didier)

Master program of ISTR (Institute of Rehabilitation Science of University Lyon 1):

Master 2 Sensory and Cognitive Handicap (heads: G. Rode, F. Perrin and E. Truy).

Master program of Human Biology Department (University Lyon 1): Master 1 Biomedical Research (head: A.M. Schott Pethelaz)


Neuroscience and Cognition PhD School (University Lyon 1 and Lyon 2)ED 476 NSCo (heads: A. Didier and F. Pellegrino)