Collection of brain microsamples and quantification of the amount of neurotransmitters present in extracellular space or in brain tissues/microdissections & 2.  design analytical tools adapted to the experimental set-ups for neuroscientific biochemical and/or behavioral studies at high sampling rate

Méthodes et techniques

Ultra-high sampling for microdialysis  (5- or 10-fold faster as compared to litterature)  /// Quantification in single fly brain samples (vs. n=10-20 brains in litterature)  with microHPLC-ED ///  First trials to quantify amyloid aggregates  using capillary electrophoresis ///

Created in 2014, installed and operated by neurochemists, thanks to its expertise and methodological developments in in vivo neurochemistry, NeuroDialyTics provides tools for the biochemical exploration of several neurotransmitters collected in animal brains. The neurochemical monitoring can be performed during different paradigms such as behavioral studies, EEG recordings, pharmacological challenges, etc…. NeuroDialyTics is an expert facility for the analysis of neuro-active compounds present in very low-volume samples collected for experimental research (rodents, rabbits, flies, crustaceans). The activities covered by Neurodialytics were part of the Neurochem platforms until the end of 2013 when it has been identified as a platform mainly dedicated to the internal needs of the CRNL members with this domain of expertise.

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