Computation, Cognition and Neurophysiology

COPHY aims at innovating at the theoretical, experimental, methodological and clinical levels. We study neuronal communication and encoding (e.g. the functional role of oscillations) in relation to brain disorders and to guide the design of neurotechnologies (brain-computer interfaces) for research and clinical applications (Autism, ADHD, Disorders of consciousness).



 In various sensory modalities, in health and disease, we mainly study human perception in the aim of unravelling its underlying cognitive, computational and neurophysiological mechanisms.

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Sample questions

- What is the computational content of bottom-up and top-down message passing within specific cortical hierarchies, given a static or dynamic task context? How is this content influenced by the presence of environmental cues, regularities or noise?

- What is the computational role of slow and fast oscillations? What computational mechanisms fit with cross-frequency coupling phenomena that appear to be behaviourally relevant? Are oscillations optimal for implementing these computations or do they result from e.g. the wiring of the brain?

- What are the specific perceptual and motor processes underlying neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism ?

- Can we use non-invasive BCI for functional evaluation, communication or rehabilitation ?

Methods and Techniques

Beside behavioural and classical neuroimaging approaches (electrophysiology, fMRI), we use multimodal high resolution neuroimaging (e.g. laminar MEG and fMRI) and advanced computational modelling (e.g. dynamic causal models of neuronal and cognitive processes; spiking/deep neural networks).

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Neural networks, brain oscillations, cognition, perception, behaviour, Bayesian inference, multimodal neuroimaging, neurostimulation, neurodevelopment, autism, ADHD, brain-computer interfaces, disorders of consciousness.


Head of the team: Jérémie Mattout ( & Mathilde Bonnefond (

Webpage: for a detailed and up-to-date description of the team (members, ongoing projects, latest news, job offers…), see our dedicated website here.