Microscopie Biophotonique

The 2-Photon platform consists of two 2-photon microscopes to study real-time intracerebral functional and morphological imaging of neurons glial cells and blood vessels as well as small cellular processes (ie dendritic spines), in unanesthetized or anesthetized small rodents. An EEG/EMG and intracellular recording station allows targeted electrophysiological recordings of genetically-identified neurons during vigilance states and behavioral tasks.

2-photon technology relies on the ability of a fluorophore to be excited by the simultaneous absorption of two photons. Thus, deep and clear cellular imaging within the mouse brain is achievable, using a variety of flurophores widely available, such as GCamp (for calcium-imaging), GFP or TdTomato for neuronal identification, etc… 

One microscope is further integrated with the ScanImage software and equipped with electrophysiological headstages to allow the insertion of recordings pipettes inside the brain under visual guidance of the microscope. Deep functional and morphological cellular imaging of neurons or glial cells with thinned cranial bone (which avoids immune reactions) is also possible.

The platform does NOT provide any experimental service to third parties. Each user must familiarize herself/himself to the equipment and is responsible for executing the actual experiments. Contacts (below) do however offer help in the design of experiments and the use of the equipment prior to execution.


Luc Gentet (