BioELectrochemistry In Vivo
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BELIV is an open CRNL technological platform offering in vivo bioelectrochemical techniques. The platform develops neurochemical phenotyping techniques involving implantable microelectrode biosensors to detect and quantify the concentrations of neurochemicals (oxygen, glucose, lactate, glutamate, choline, D-serine) in the brain and other target organs such as liver, blood, tumours. It is notably recognized for developing implantable sensors for brain monitoring. It also offers an in vivo platform for implanting bioelectrochemical devices such as biofuel cells in rats.

Methods and Techniques
  • Microelectrode biosensors for oxygen, glucose, lactate, glutamate, choline and D-serine
  • In vivo implantation of microelectrode biosensors or biofuel cells
  • In vitro measurements in cell lines, tissue explants, organoids, etc.
  • On demand biosensor design and development

BELIV is part of the Lyon network of animal research platforms AniRA and has received the national IBISA label for open platforms.

It is part of the CELPHEDIA network of animal research facilities. In the last five years, it has contributed to research projects in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Italy, and has also fabricated microelectrode biosensors for more than ten laboratories in France and Europe.

It is involed in research and development studies aimed at designing innovative microelectrode biosensors for monitoring brain, blood and tumours, as well as implanting biofuel cells in vivo for energy production from blood glucose and oxygen.






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