Stereoscopy workshop at Neurocampus

Valérie Gaveau (IMPACT CRNL)

A l'invitation de

Valérie Gaveau (IMPACT CRNL)

Appareil Stéréoscopie


During the Fête de la science, Valérie Gaveau (IMPACT CRNL), accompanied by a photography enthusiast, has realized a stereoscopy workshop at the Ferme du Vinatier: The reality of disability through virtual reality.

In order to share her work with the CRNL, she will present her posters at the Neurocampus reception desk from December 7 and will welcome you for a workshop on Tuesday December 14 in room F28 from 12:00 to 14:00.

Description of the workshop during the Fête de la Science "Through the use of virtual reality, the public will be confronted with visual handicaps. We propose to the general public to travel through stereoscopy in order to bring them to experience the visual handicap. From stereoscopic immersions of collections of the XXth century animated by a passionate of photography (Workshop 1 - Stereoscopy), we will explain how our brain reconstructs what it sees to apprehend the relief. Then we will switch to the XXIst century and immerse ourselves in the technology of virtual reality VR; from this workshop we will show how stereoscopy is used for virtual animation, and show that our visual perception is a dynamic construction. Finally, we will immerse ourselves in the visual handicap thanks to VR, and will be able to apprehend the difficulties felt in the daily tasks by the visually impaired subjects (Workshop 2 - Visual handicaps); this last workshop will serve as a time of exchange around the scientific advances and the understanding of the handicap."

Come and see us!


14 December 2021 12:00–14:00

CRNL - CH Le Vinatier - Bâtiment 462 Neurocampus Michel Jouvet - F28