Science and Manga Festival: Changing the body and space to probe and change the mind

Alessandro Farnè, Inserm research director in charge of Neuro-Immersion CRNL, a platform using immersive virtual reality to study brain function.
With the participation of: Jérôme Goffette, philosopher of sciences. 

A l'invitation de

Alessandro Farné, Neuro-Immersion CRNL, Semaine du Cerveau, Science and Manga Festival - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1


Conference: Changing the body and space to probe and change the mind

In the context of cognitive neuroscience research, Virtual Reality (VR) offers the opportunity to create novel situations in the laboratory, while maintaining the rigorous experimental control necessary to carry out experiments in pseudo-natural conditions. Used alone, or in conjunction with tools specific to fundamental neuroscience research, it opens the way to a better understanding of brain functions, from 3D visual perception, through motor control, to emotional experience and its impact on the distance we put between us and the people around us. It even allows us to temporarily change the appearance of our body, sometimes with consequences on our thinking. Such power awakens fascination and ethical questioning, two inseparable companions for the future of VR in science.


Tuesday 16 March 2021 12:30 - 17:30