Eight Weeks of Meditation Doesn’t Change the Brain, Study Finds

Méditante laïque

An article published in Science Advances ,of which Antoine LUTZ (EDUWELL CRNL) is co-author. “Study purporting to show changes in brain structures following the popular, 8-week mindfullness-based stress reduction -MBSR course are widely referenced despite major methodological limitations.... We failed to replicate prior findings and found no evidence that MBSR produced neuroplastic changes ...“ 

The article : Tammi R.A. KRAL, Kaley DAVIS, Cole KORPONAY, Matthew J. HIRSHBERG, Rachel HOEL, Lawrence Y. TELLO, Robin I. GOLDMAN, Melissa A. ROSENKRANZ, Antoine LUTZ AND Richard J. DAVIDSON. Science Advances, 20 May 2022, Vol 8, Issue 20. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abk3316


This work is presented and discussed in an article in The scientist : co-author Davidson says he hopes that the new meditation study will serve as a “useful corrective in the field and help to tone down some of the hype that has been associated with these kinds of practices."