Brain and Sense of smell - How to (re)educate your nose


This book is for those who want to better understand how smell works, a discreet sense recently revealed in full light by Covid-19: you can lose it, recover it quickly, or not. His ambition is to make the general public and the curious discover this remarkable sense by his relations with our emotional brain but also by the fact that he is capable of regeneration and plasticity. A real windfall to educate or re-educate him, even as an adult.

It is intended for all children and parents who like to scrutinize and share their olfactory experiences; to those passionate for whom odors contribute to their joie de vivre; teachers who want a better transmission of knowledge about this meaning neglected by our Western cultures; professionals who use their sense of smell daily to create new scented products; those who have never had a sense of smell and want to understand how odors affect our emotions, our memory and our social life; those who have lost it, and who want to regain the pleasure of eating and perfuming themselves are motivated to re-educate their nose.

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