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New paper of Brozzoli et al - IMPACT


Thibault, S., Py, R., Gervasi, A. M., Salemme, R., Koun, E., Lövden, M., Boulenger, V., Roy, A.C., Brozzoli, C. (2021). Tool use and language share syntactic processes and neural patterns in the basal ganglia. Science, 374(6569). doi: 10.1126/science.abe0874

Congratulations to Silvia Melzi who won the SYMBIOSE 2021 award for her short film "Orexine"!

Sylvia Melzi

Pariscience organizes Symbiose - 48h short film competition, based on an idea of the ImagineScience festival.
Pairs, composed of a scientist and a director, have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a short film together.
There is only one constraint to respect: the short film must have been inspired by the annual theme for 2021: "OUTSIDE THE BOX".
The Symbiosis Prize is awarded and endowed with €1,000 by the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS).

Congratulations to Silvia Melzi (SLEEP CRNL doctoral student) and to Hugo Cayla, the director!


Crédit photo Hugo Cayla et Silvia Melzi

Rêver pendant le confinement

Rêver pendant le confinement

Le livre "Rêver pendant le confinement" présentant les résultats de l'enquête "Confinement, Sommeil et Rêves" réalisée du 6 avril au 12 mai 2020 menée par Perrine Ruby (PAM CRNL) paraitra le 11 novembre 2021.

Perrine Ruby. Rêver pendant le confinement - Ce que le rêve nous apprend sur le vécu des Françaises et des Français. EDP Sciences, 1ère édition, 11 novembre 2021, 280 p., ISBN 2759825418.