Human Resources and Financial Management

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Under the hierarchical responsibility of the Administrative and Financial Director, Anne-Marie Helle, and two coordinators, Sandra Chinel and Florence Tamissa-Léger, the HR and Financial Management Unit groups together all of the CRNL's managers located on different sites (Neurocampus, Bron 2, Inserm DR).

Composed of a team of eleven people, the HR and Financial Management Unit is a support service for the laboratory's research activities. It offers a local service to the Centre's research teams while ensuring continuity of service.

The main missions are :

- Daily financial management (orders, processing of the done service, etc.)

- Management of travel for missions in France and abroad

- Follow-up of expenses and credits

- Archiving of documents and supporting documents required for financial and accounting operations

- Follow-up and justification of contracts and agreements

- Logistical organisation of conferences, seminars, thesis and HDR defences

- Management of human resources

- Reception of newcomers and guests