Job Offers

This project is part of an ANR-funded program (SniffAttention) in which we propose to use the olfactory modality, a dominant sense for rodents, to study attention in rats. One of the aims of this project is to decipher the neural network involved during a sustained olfactory attention task in rodents. We also want to test the hypothesis that respiration can serve as an effective metronome to synchronize the areas of this neural network. To answer these questions, we combine behavioral experiments in rats, multi-site local field potentials recordings (simultaneously in the piriform cortex, mediodorsal thalamus …) and respiration recording (using a whole-body plethysmograph).


We invite applications for a position as a Postdoc who would be keen on interrogating neuronal circuits involved in the coordination of sleep oscillations in mice. 
The project led by the postdoc will be part of the research program SOLTI, an ANR project running 2022-2026 which aims at understanding the implication of various populations of thalamic neurons and their cortical targets in synchronising sleep oscillations. We are looking for someone with 0-3 years experience as a postdoc in neurosciences, with ideally experience in programming and in mouse work. Mostly we are looking for someone enthusiastic about research, keen on learning and developing their own line of research, independent but with strong team spirit.