Postdoc position: neurobiology of rodent sleep


Postdoc position: neurobiology of rodent sleep

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 30 April 2023

Employment Start Date: 1 June 2023

Contract Length: 2 - 3 years depending on experience

City: Lyon

Country: France

Institution: INSERM




Postdoc position: ANR project aiming at deciphering the role of midline thalamus and its cortical interneuron target in synchronising sleep oscillations

Deadline: end of April 2023 but review of applications will continue until the position is appropriately filled.

INSERM – CRNL Lyon, France. The CRNL is an UCBL-CNRS-INSERM research unit based in Lyon (France,

Fixed term full-time position (2-3 years)

We invite applications for a position as a Postdoc who would be keen on interrogating neuronal circuits involved in the coordination of sleep oscillations in mice. The project led by the postdoc will be part of the research program SOLTI, an ANR project running 2022-2026 which aims at understanding the implication of various populations of thalamic neurons and their cortical targets in synchronising sleep oscillations. We are looking for someone with 0-3 years experience as a postdoc in neurosciences, with ideally experience in programming and in mouse work. Mostly we are looking for someone enthusiastic about research, keen on learning and developing their own line of research, independent but with strong team spirit.

Research Environment at CRNL: The CRNL is friendly neuroscience center with strong expertise in sleep research in animals but also excellent teams working with humans. The CRNL is located in the Vinatier hospital in a new building (opened in 2019) with brand new animal facility and excellent technical facilities. It is also a hotbed for the development of Python based software aimed at neuroscience data analysis. The CRNL has several journal clubs (journal club oscillations, student club…: ; where it is easy to interact. The CRNL also hosts many conferences on broad neuroscience Topics.
 Lyon is a great location for outdoorsy, 1 hour away from the Alps, 2 hours from the Mediterranean sea and with easy access to the countryside. But it is also the second biggest city in France, so packed with great restaurants, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, etc.

The project: The project consists in investigating the role of different populations of thalamic neurons in coordinating sleep oscillations, with physiological outputs ranging from sleep stability to memory consolidation. Broadly the project aims also at investigating how the cortical interneurons targeted by thalamic neurons participate locally in the coordination of these oscillations. To answer these questions, we use multi-site local field potential recordings, optogenetic/chemogenetic activation/silencing and behaviour. We also do Miniscope 1P Ca2+ imaging combined with electrophysiology. The project is founded by an ANR until October 2026 and is based on previous studies by the PI (Hay et al., Neuron 2021; Jarzebowski et al., eLife 2021).

What you will do: You will be expected to lead your own project within the broad range describe above and to take part to collaborative projects with the PI and students. You will be expected to conduct research from surgery to data analysis, but no prior experience is mandatory and training wherever needed will be provided. Because we only work with open source software and homemade equipments, you will be able to develop independently the tools you need to carry out your project. This also means, a certain keenness for DIY is welcomed (but again not mandatory). You will also be expected to contribute to the training of newbies and you will be encourage to take part to teaching and supervision at the university.

Competences requested: A PhD in neurosciences or a related field is required to start the position. The start of the position can be adjusted to after the defense. Strong interest in investigating neuronal circuits in rodents is necessary, and experience in electrophysiological recording and analysis is a plus but not mandatory. To be keen on learning these skills is obviously a must as it will be the core of the project. Ability to write in English is important.

Application:  The application shall include the following documents: a cover letter including motivation, research interests and visions and long term goals; a curriculum vitae containing a few lines highlight of the main results (published or not); and details of someone you worked with and could write you a recommendation letter if needed. Please send the application or any enquiries to Dr. Audrey Hay (

Applicants from outside the European Union are invited to apply; if they are selected to work on the project, they will have to obtain a VISA (not covered by the project).

Terms of employment: Gross salary is 2895,57€ for a fulltime postdoc position with less than 2 years of working experience after PhD graduation, and 3287.45€ between 2 and 4 years of working experience.


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