Machine Learning Club meeting #2.10 - Predicting Neural Machine Translation Success on Surface or BPE Forms? The Case of Mistranslations of French Spoken Dislocations into English

Behnoosh NAMDARZADEH (Université Paris Cité)

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Machine Learning Club

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Behnoosh NAMDARZADEH is a PhD student in Language Science at the CLILLAC-ARP lab, Université Paris Cité. Her research focuses on the translation of dislocated constructions (e.g., "Peter, he's...") by neural machine translation systems such as Google Translate and DeepL.

20 March 2024 10:30–11:30

CRNL | CH Le Vinatier | Bâtiment 462 Neurocampus Michel Jouvet | room F28 | 95 Boulevard Pinel | 69500 Bron