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A new artistic residency at the CRNL!


Within the framework of « Nez à Nez » project (Nathalie Buonviso, Alexandra Veyrac, CMO CRNL), an artistic residency took place on January 21 and 22, 2021, supported by our tutors (CNRS, Inserm, UCBL, UJM).

Why do some people remember their dreams better than others?


An article in CortexMag about the work of Raphaël VALLAT, Alain NICOLAS and Perrine RUBY (PAM CRNL). "Postulating that the moment of awakening was crucial to memorize dreams, these researchers proposed to big and small dreamers to take a nap in a scanner and observed what was happening in their brain when they woke them up."

Why is music good for us?


In the program of Ali Ribeihi of France Inter, "Great good to you!" Barbara Tillmann (CAP CRNL) and Emmanuel Bigand (Univ Bourgogne, Lab apprentissage et développement) discussed, on Monday January 4th, the benefits of music on our cognitive development, our emotional intelligence, our psychological and physical health.

Creation of the LabCom Neuroimaging for Drug Discovery (NI2D)


BIORAN has created a joint public/private laboratory financed by the ANR (LabCom) and the Region (Pack Ambition Research). The 'laboratory' entitled Neuroimaging for Drug Discovery (NI2D) associates the CRNL, the pharmaceutical company Theranexus and the CERMEP. Its objective is to contribute to the development of gliopharmacology using preclinical imaging tools (PET/MRI/brain ultrasound). The recruitment of two PhD students and a research engineer will strengthen this collaborative axis.

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red axon, green astrocyte, blue blood vessel

Astrocytes serve important roles that affect recruitment and function of neurons at the local and network levels : synaptic plasticity, neuronal network oscillations, and memory fun…


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