Three young researchers are joining the CRNL! Portrait of Audrey Hay


A few words about Audrey's background:

Background : Thesis directed by Dr Bertrand Lambolez, Paris 6 (2010-2014). Herchel Smith Fellow in Prof Paulsen team 2014-2017 at University of Cambridge (UK), then Research Associate in the same team (2017-2021) financed by BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences Research Council).

Field of competence : Cortical network dynamics, thalamocortical interactions and cholinergic modulations of cortical activity.

Project : The study of the role of the medial nuclei of the thalamus in the synchronisation and coordination of cortical activities during sleep and its impact on cognitive performance in the mouse.

Expected start: Autumn/Winter 2021.