Podcast about the work of Moustafa Bensafi: " The five senses: how much do smells permeate us?

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Emotions is a podcast from Louie Media.

"Are you sensitive to the smell of others or the food you eat? For example, is there a scent that makes you feel happy or nostalgic, and when you close your eyes, it draws snatches of memories and transports you? How can something so intangible evoke such distinct emotions?

Sometimes, often, it is difficult to describe what you feel. So when words fail to speak, we go through the senses.

In this five-part mini-series, we set out to understand what makes us sensory beings.

In this second episode, journalist Brune Bottero interviewed Moustafa Bensafi (NEUROPOP CRNL). He is director of research at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Centre, a specialist in olfactory perception and co-author of the book Cerveau et odorat : Comment (ré)éduquer son nez (Brain and smell: How to (re)educate your nose) published by EDP Sciences.

And what smell makes you travel back in time?

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