The extraordinary powers of the human body – All about the mysteries of taste and smell


An unpublished issue of «The Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body», presented by Adriana Karembeu and Michel Cymes and broadcast on France 2 on Tuesday April 27, 2021 at 21pm, tries to unravel the mysteries of taste and smell.

In this issue, Moustafa Bensafi, Marylou Mantel, Camille Ferdenzi and Stéphane Richard (NEUROPOP CRNL) are interviewed about the functioning of the sense of smell. They involve Michel Cymes and Adriana Karembeu in several experiments on the premises of the CRNL, in order to better understand the differences in perception and the emotional power of odours.


Moustafa_BensafiMarylou_MantelTests odeursOdeurs en fonction des origines

Camille FerdenziCamille Ferdenzi manipsImmersion odeurs

Also noteworthy: an appearance by Barbara Ferry (ENES CRNL) on the sense of smell in dogs and an overview of the Neuroimmersion platform.

Barbara FerryNeuroimmersion

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