Animals talk. Let's listen to them


The crocodile roars, the cricket chirps, the hyena laughs, the elk bugles, the koala shrieks, the wren sings... What are these sounds hiding? Can we unravel their mysteries? From Brazil to the North Sea, from the Amazon jungle to the Arctic, from the calls of young crocodiles to the acoustic battles of elephant seals, Nicolas Mathevon, a bioacoustics specialist and director of the ENES team at the CRNL lab, reveals the diversity of animal vocalizations. With him, we learn how these languages allow the animals to express their emotions, to choose a partner, to trick, to know who dominates and who submits, to mark their territory, to call for help...

"Les animaux parlent. Sachons les écouter", HumenSciences, 528 pages, 23 euros.


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